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Only Congress can make the complete and lasting changes that are desperately needed to fix our broken immigration system. But unfortunately the House has shirked its responsibility to act, with tragic results for SEIU members, families, and the broader communities to which we belong. Each day of inaction is another day of wasted homeland security resources, lost economic opportunity, and heartbreak. In the absence of congressional action, as the President has said, the Administration has a duty and obligation to do all it can within the law to make immigration enforcement more sane and humane.
SEIU recommends that the Department of Homeland Security act boldly and unapologetically to implement reforms of its immigration enforcement policies. Our Union has already communicated our recommendations to DHS and the White House in various ways, but we thought it would be helpful to spell out three of the many possible changes that we believe are urgently needed and well within the authority of the Executive Branch under current law. These recommendations are as follows:
(1) Deportation reform: Stop detaining, criminalizing, and deporting ordinary immigrants who have established a life here and have not committed serious crimes.
(2) Worker protections: Change workplace enforcement priorities and procedures to minimize that the extent to which immigration enforcement at the workplace undermines wages and working conditions.
(3) Affirmative relief: Provide a process whereby persons who are a low priority for deportation can affirmatively apply for work authorization


Share your immigration story so others can better understand why workers need protection from detention and deportation, a current valid work permit, and protections against wage theft, workplace safety violations, as well as the prevention of punishment for organizing your fellow workers and standing up for your workplace rights, are vital!


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